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Regarding erotic writing: More often than not, fantasies should remain just that; another’s words: Don’t try this at home.)To make matters worse, Jade turned out to be very shy. It was not until her first year of college that she started physically developing to match her age. Although she always had the beautiful green cat-eyes, her long and skinny frame started taking on dangerous curves at age 18. The good looks and the great body came too late to give her confidence through her school years, but she was pleased nonetheless. Even though ‘mom’ had children very early, she had not fully developed into the stunner that she was until her late teens.

Astrid always told Jade that one day she would come to appreciate and prefer the late bloomer way, after all, does not a fine wine take time also?

Certainly the sisters were still virgins, as there was no sexual expression with boys, so far. Though Jade and her mom dated occasionally, both were currently in between men.

Astrid made sure her daughters had a firm spiritual base as well. No man seemed good enough, nor interesting enough to warrant more than a passing interest.

The author does not condone any activity illustrated in this story.

Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Jenna was only six or seven when he never returned. Having model looks would make the current problem temporary for her at best. Their final two years of high school would be completed at an affiliated catholic finishing school.

Jade was more affected, but managed to hide behind the discipline, and heavy activity. Launching her career with this, her very first job, was creating serious butterflies in her stomach. Of course she never acted out on any of those urges.

Whatever the case, she seemed happier now than during her school years, and her confidence was building.

Jade’s mother was only 13 when she gave birth to her (no she wasn’t trailer trash), and raised both Jade and her sister Jenna (now 15) mostly by herself.

Her husband was killed in a friendly-fire chopper incident during the Gulf War.

Astrid still did it herself almost every day, perhaps she passed on the ‘incessant frigging’—gene to her daughter. Jade was in her room laying out clothes for the day to come. She stood only in pumps in front of the large mirrors in her bedroom, and took inventory of her body. The nipples always stood proud, ready to cut glass at a moments notice.

Her image stared back at her with those rare electric-green cat-eyes. Her complexion was fair, and she did not feel comfortable to sunbathe in front of her mom and sister, so she made a mental note to find a tanning salon tonight. At an inch and a half in length when aroused, they were unusually long.

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Getting her phys ed degree took 4 years of strenuous work and discipline, but the new job offer seemingly made it all worthwhile, and meant she would soon be able to move out on her own and start a career.