Alcoholic dating site dating older someone

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Alcoholic dating site

I would strongly suggest it, if you are unfamiliar with the program and with alcoholism in general. Just because you don't drink doesn't mean that you can't go out and do things that people who drink, do. I hope I have been able to give some insight on this subject.

And, it is a matter of self control, discipline, and how serious they are. he has even tested himself and has gone out of it quite well... Furthermore, I would strongly suggest NOT offering alcohol to an alcoholic!

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If they are truly working the AA program the way that it is suggested, they will be able to make SOBER decisions and decide to leave a relationship or establishment if they feel that is in their best interest. I dont mean to diminish the efforts of those recovering, and I am not assuming they will all relapse, just trying not to reopen issues from the past. I'm a recovering alcoholic myself, and if I'm at a restaurant or somewhere else where alcohol is served, it doesn't bother me.

Yes, I would date a recovering alcoholic, and if he's serious enough about recovery to bring his A. I order my ginger ale, and I sip on that while I enjoy conversation with my drinking family and/or friends.

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I figure, if he is getting help, and not drinking at all anymore, that's great! I dated a guy who went to AA because he got numerous DUI's He went back to the boo's I think if he wanted to do this and no body put him up to it. I am going to Las Vegas in june for a big tournament. He's been sober for 5 years and chair's many meetings to help others! I am a light drinker, he knew that when he met and does not have a problem with it! I hardly ever drink, I've decided to slow it down as well, so, I don't need a drinking buddy. Being an alcoholic does not mean you can not attend pool tournaments, be around drinking, go to clubs or bars, etc........ and if you really want to do it for yourself to make that better life for yourself... This is HIGHLY not a suggested way of doing things.

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