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In general, the share of married people living in a census tract who have mixed-race marriages is not linked to how the child’s race is reported.

The rise of legal same-sex marriages, headlines about hate crimes and concerns about potential differences in health have been among the factors driving increased interest in gathering better data about gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans, as well as those who are transgender.

They give insight into the questions on researchers’ minds.

(To see the conference presentations by our own Pew Research Center experts, check out this page.) As marriage declines in popularity and other kinds of relationships replace it, a category of couple known as Living Apart Together is the focus of new research in the U. These LAT couples, whether opposite-sex or same-sex, say they are in a long-term relationship but do not live together.

Meanwhile, the number of newly arrived unauthorized immigrants rose in nearby states, apparently because new arrivals avoided states with E-Verify laws.

The researchers said, however, that they did not find evidence that many unauthorized immigrants left an E-Verify state for another state.

This describes my current relationship with my dating partner.” When the researchers analyzed the characteristics of LAT couples compared with other people who were dating but didn’t agree with the statement above or were neutral about it, they found that LAT couples are older – about half are 35 or older, compared with only 30% of daters.When two people of different races have a child together, how do they choose to identify the race of their child on census forms? Liebler and José Pacas of the University of Minnesota analyzed U. census data from 1960 to 2010 – a period of dramatic rise in interracial marriage that has resulted in a corresponding growth of the multiracial population.Since 1960, Americans have been allowed to choose their own race on census forms, rather than having enumerators do it for them.They believe these laws cause some unauthorized immigrants to leave the U.S., especially those who recently arrived, although they had no direct evidence.

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