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Like so many things in life, retro games often get better with age.

However, if they're not properly cared for then they can fall into pretty bad shape physically - especially cartridges, which contain multiple components such as chips and back-up batteries.

Hope you all had a nice new year, have some original art doughnut steal xoxo So without further ado, let's reveal which starter we'll be working with! Oh also Laura is the random name that came out from the two numbers chosen by Spekkal!

After three hours of work, Pokémon Red was back on working order - proof that these carts are more robust than we give them credit for. Well, this particular Game Boy game changes hands for around £10 / to £20 / on e Bay, depending on overall condition and can also be downloaded on the 3DS Virtual Console.All games are no longer being sold but I will remove any copyright violations upon request.YOOOOO everyone sorry for taking so long to update, I suck with schedules and I was ill for like two weeks over Xmas.The games were first released in Japan in late 2002 and internationally in 2003.Pokémon Emerald, a special edition version, was released two years later in each region.

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But the satisfaction of bringing a dead game back to life?

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