Tractivity online dating

Posted by / 28-Jun-2017 19:57

Tractivity online dating

After personally experimenting with dating sites, including Tinder, the reality of what we as human beings have turned into is startling.

The ups are too high and the lows are too low, similar to a drug addict.Connecting with someone online is incredibly easy, but alternatively, disconnecting from someone completely is just as simple.When your mother told you that people can be cruel, she was certainly correct.We are judging people so quickly that we are really glancing at a cover without reading what's written on the pages under the cover. If the answer is yes, then there are more underlying issues besides technology. If your response is that talking online is not the same as in person, then ask the couples who are happily married from meeting online for some clarity.Our addiction to technology cannot be contradicted by the way we treat others while using it to meet people.

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People love technology so finding someone to love through technological means is understandable.