Trouble updating wii

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Trouble updating wii

Try the following: Check for wireless interference, which can affect the signal strength to the Wii console.

After the Homebrew Channel is installed, it appears in the Wii System Menu where you can use it to easily install homebrew applications.If your issue has a code or message, enter that code or message into the search bar on help.From there, you’ll be given steps tailored to the issue you’re seeing.I Just bought Skyward Sword, and I have to do a system update. There were parental controls, but we got rid of those. My Wii is not modded in ANY way and this is a large waste of 50$ tax if I can't play a game because of the system, and If I have to go out and buy a new system because of it, well I have lost all faith in nintendo.

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Slow or incompatible Internet connections can "time out" and result in this error code.

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